Little Astronaut’s Journey to Space

Know why it is important for kids to learn and explore space.

How wonderful it would be to travel across galaxies, fight with space monsters, play with astronauts, fly away in the UFOs and rockets and go around space wearing PJ’s? Sounds fun right?

If your little one is just as imaginative and fond of space, then let me tell you, you are a lucky parent! As important as it is to encourage them to learn the basics like numbers, alphabets and other such things, it becomes equally important to introduce them to “concepts”. Concepts are a window to the real world and a great opportunity for kids to develop their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. 

One such concept that ignites curiosity in the little ones is the “Space”. It is truly a world on its own with ample opportunities to learn and explore the various elements like the sun, moon, galaxies, asteroids and much more! 

In fact, according to Indian mythology, the concept of space runs at a deeper level. Our forefathers have studied cosmic alignments to foretell the future. Isn’t that so cool!? And that is exactly why the world of space interests the little, young and old in its own ways and that’s the beauty of it. 

Now, let us discuss the benefits of learning about space for kids!

Kindles curiosity:

The colors, the objects and all the elements are sure to kindle curiosity and raise questions about all that they see and read. It encourages kids to imagine, challenge existing theories and explore a completely different world.

Inspire future scientists:

The motive behind introducing kids to concepts like space is not merely restricted to improving their knowledge. You never know when their hobbies turn into passion and maybe even future career choices! 

Kids Journey to Space- Preschool Toys in India

Fun introduction to science:

Introducing kids to science at a young age might be a little confusing with the question of “where do i begin?” “What should be the first topic?”, etc. The answer to it all is starting their science journey with learning about the “Space”. The space is something the kids have never seen before and is sure to glue their distracted minds to it. Educational gifts for kids are beneficial to them.

Learn the importance of our planet:

Our plant has been a growing concern over the years and it is never too early to educate young minds into ways of caring and preserving mother Earth and all that lies beyond. It teaches them that small actions can have big impacts in the outer world which in turn affect the future. Gift your child the preschool learning kit, for there brighter future.

Our future lies with today’s kids and tomorrow’s space exploration

– Sally Ride (NASA Astronaut )

Wondering how to begin the little one’s journey to space exploration?

We recommend you to not make the jump to showing them photos or videos online, the reason for that is, when you try to introduce a new concept or build a hobby, the content online might be too much to take in at once. At the same time, there are so many photo and video suggestions on other topics that it’s easy for kids to get distracted. Buy them the educational stickers

Which is why our best recommendation is opting for age specific encyclopedias and activities related to the space. While encyclopedias teach them to look at pictures, read and relate, on the other hand, activities related to space help them grow their imagination, encourage role play and make learning super fun!

One such activity that has really made a positive impact on kids is PepPlay’s Space Explorers- Educational Shape Stickers. 

An interesting space related activity which contains 6 colourful and exciting space scenes with aliens, planets, UFO’s, rockets and more, along with 640 stickers which are of different shapes, colours and sizes. Kids have to match the colour-coded shape spaces on the scene card with the shapes on the sticker sheet and complete the scene! You can also buy drawing book online for your kids, which are related to space.

Space Explorer Kids - Educational Stickers

This activity not only gives them a fun window to curiosity about the space and its elements but also teaches them colour coding, strengthens visual discrimination, builds shape matching skills and also improves their memory.

At the same time, kids develop eye-hand coordination, pincer grasp and fine motor skills. Most of all, it is a 100% screen free activity that encourages independent play and keeps the little ones engaged for hours together!

So hurry! Shop now and GET.SET.GO. All the way to space!

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