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Benefits of kids playing dress-ups

Dressing up and imaginative play is an important part of children’s development. Playing dress-ups allows for experimentation, role-play, and fantasy which enhances their emotion, cognition, language, and sensory-motor skills. The imaginative play lets them explore different aspects of their personalities, it helps them understand and process their own emotions better. From around the age of... continue reading

Can’t draw the line between love and pampering?

New ways to bring up your baby It's an age-old issue: discipline. Today's generation of parents may have been brought up under the parenting adage of " Spare the rod and spoil the child", yet, or perhaps because of it, they wrangle with the task of sparing the rod and still on spoiling the child.... continue reading

Mental health effects of Corona-virus on kids

The physical symptoms of the novel coronavirus are well documented but nobody talks about the mental health effects. Though children are less likely to become ill, we’re only starting to understand now after the few months, what the pandemic might mean for children’s mental health and emotional well-being. It’s a lot for a kid to... continue reading