Setting up a reward system with specific guidelines helps reward good behavior. Motivating your kids with a reward chart is the way to go. Remunerating the good can be difficult, but it is worth every effort to remember and praise your child when he/she does something right. Pepplay’s Activity Mats Planner is a perfect combination of a Reward chart and Learning mat.

Key Features:

INCREASED INCENTIVES: Are you having trouble getting your kids to clean up after themselves. Are you endlessly prompting them to do their homework? Wouldn’t you love to hear “please” and “thank you” more often? The Pepplay Activity Mat – The Planner can help. Children thrive on praise, and a little incentive goes a long way. This chart gives parents the appropriate tools to help raise more responsible, self-reliant kids. Creative toys is a useful tool for children in every way. You can use them for a variety of fun games and activities – your child will enjoy playing with these fun toys!

• BUILD SELF ESTEEM: Kids develop positive self-esteem and a sense of independence when they feel they contribute to the family and can make their own choices. Instead of controlling your child’s behaviors, motivating will help mold him or her to be the best version of themselves.

TEACHES GOOD, HEALTHY HABITS AND ROUTINES: Developing good habits and important routines for personal hygiene and self-care (such as dressing, washing hands, and brushing teeth) turns good behavior into a fun game.

PARENTING MADE EASY – Our Planner is a simple tool that can transform your relationship with your children. By using the things that they want as rewards, you can increase good behavior and make it fun along the way. Whether it’s brushing their teeth, tidying toys, reading, or eating their veggies, our reward chart can make the learnings both more effortless and enjoyable.

TEACH GOAL SETTINGS – It is a must-to-have for proactive parents. It’s a fun way to teach your children about setting goals and taking daily action to fulfill them. Though simple, this chart is a powerful psychological tool that increases your children’s motivation via visual feedback – it shows them their progress as well as reminds them of the rewards they’ll gain.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL – We have designed our Activity mats keeping in mind homeschooling. Our kids being the “The New Normal” Kids can learn the concept of a Calendar, Clock, Good Habits, Bad Habits, New things learned, Promote reading & Writing skills, Reward charts and many more, all in one product.

OTHER USES – These mats can also become a table and surface protector for all kinds of academic & non-academic activities. It can be used for dining, craft projects such as painting, shaping clay, and play dough. It can also be mounted on the wall using double-sided tapes. Buy the drawing coloring book from us. 

MEDIUM OF USE – Can be used with erasable marker pens, sketch pens & pencils. For the best results, use whiteboard markers. You can easily wipe the Marker writings with a wet cloth, tissue or wash directly under the water. To clean pencil markings, you can use an eraser.

CONTAINS – A2 size Reusable Planner and 10 Mini Sketch Pens

Recommended Age is 4+

We have the educational toys for 2 3 year olds in India. Buy from us as we are the trusted company, offer the best price and quality online.

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Dimensions 7.6 × 7.6 × 44.7 cm

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