Reusable Doodle Mats

About PepPlay Reusable Mats

PepPlay’s Reusable Doodle Placemats are specially designed for kids to have fun while they learn!

These Placemats are simple to use, travel-friendly, and are perfect to avoid unnecessary screen-time! Each mat has vibrant scenes and activities which keep the little ones engaged independently for hours together! Apart from all learning and fun, there’s enough blank space to explore individual creativity.

At PepPlay, children’s safety is our priority. PepPlay’s Reusable Doodle Placemats are made on food-grade, non-toxic polymer sheets and are printed using fade-proof black ink using the latest technology. These high-quality mats are also tested according to kids’ toys’ CE and ASTM standards. We have 2 different types of Placemats:

  • 6 Translucent Coloring Placemats
  • 4 White Educational Placemats &  Planner Mats available in 2 colors

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Reusable Drawing Mat

Benefits of Doodle Mats

Reusable & Durable
After coloring in, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or wash it under running water. Its non-porous surface keeps the mat germ free, so you can let the little ones use it worry-free!
Develop Skills
Coloring helps strengthen children’s hand muscles and improves concentration. It also develops fine and gross motor skills and encourages correct finger grip for early writing skills.
Best Quality
The placemats are made using the safest pigments and high-quality materials and meet the strictest international quality standards. They’re re-usable and recyclable too!
Fun Meal Time
An educational addition to the dining table contracts screen-time and keeps the children occupied while they wait for their meal! It can be used for craft projects like playing with playdough!

Why PepPlay Mats are special

High Quality & Intricate Designs

You can always rely on us for making the safest products for your little ones!

We have launched 2 different segments of the Reusable Placemats out of which the 6 translucent placemats are non-porous which keeps them germ free and safe to be reused after any activity or meal.

These mats are made of thick, high-quality, food-grade, non-toxic polymer sheets. The intricate designs on these mats are printed with the latest UV technology using fade-proof, non-toxic black ink.

These mats are paired with the DIY Markers that work the best with them. They are quick to dry and non-toxic with a 0.5mm fine tip, making them perfect for coloring smaller objects!

PepPlay’s Re-usable Placemats are easy to clean! Simply wipe off the mats with a wet cloth or wash them under running.

If you are looking for the learning and educational toys for your kids, contact us. We are the experts in providing an extensive collection.

Encourage use of Pencils

PepPlay’s Educational Re-usable Placemats are specially designed for toddlers to start with the basics in the most fun and exciting way.

The Educational series focuses on the early stage of writing practice using a pencil. Holding a pencil improves their muscle memory and develops fine and gross motor skills which helps them have a firm pencil grip for good handwriting!

The re-usable property such as Reusable Drawing Mat of this placemat allows toddlers to have fun and make mistakes while they learn! They are made in accordance with the educational standards after thorough research and consultation from school teachers.

At PepPlay, we aspire to develop products which are not available in the Indian market. The Educational Series Re-usable Placemat is the only product which combines the use of pencil on a reusable, non-toxic, food grade sheet.

Let the little ones have fun, while they learn and glide smooth in their play school years!



Sophia Jacob | Artist | Mother of a 6 year old

Made from high quality polymer and BPA free plastic making them super safe, promises to keep the kids entertained for hours!”

Monika Saha | Blogger | Mother of 4 year old

Easy to carry during travel and while dining out too! Also, I love how pretty & vibrant the sheets look upon coloring!”

Rahela Tayyebi | BLW, CD, EC, Lactation | Mother of 2 Boys

“These placemats have been our everyday routine ever since we got them, has helped in my child’s behavior too!”

Rohini Natti | Co Founder of Kitki | Mother of 4 year old

 “The beautiful doodles encourage coloring and develop fine motor skills. A wonderful sensory activity indeed!


Where are PepPlay Doodle Mats Made?

PepPlay Doodle Mats are proudly made in India!


What are the mats made of?

PepPlay’s Reusable Doodle Placemats are made of food-grade, non-toxic polymer sheets using UV technology and are printed using fade-proof ink.


What markers work with Reusable Mats?

We have 2 types of mats; PepPlay DIY pens work best with all the coloring for translucent placemats since they’re non-toxic, quick-dry, and wet-erase. They’re also a lot more vibrant than any regular sketch pens.

Any water-based sketch pens work for the Educational Series white mat; however, we encourage you to opt for a pencil and eraser!


Can I use PepPlay DIY Markers on Educational Mats?

We recommend using regular sketch pens and pencils on the educational white mat. The DIY Marker pens can leave some hues on the white mat, so we do not recommend them.


How do I wash the mats?

Simply use a wet cloth to wipe it clean! You can also use soap & water. However, if the colors are not coming off ultimately, a squirt of hand sanitizer will do the trick!


How often can we wash/ wipe the mats?

We recommend you clean the doodle placemats within a day or two of coloring for hygiene purposes.


Are the mats safe to use for kids below 3 years?

Yes! The products include a non toxic play mat. The mats are completely safe for kids below the Age of 3. One is never too young to start coloring! However, pen caps can become a choking hazard if toddlers are unsupervised.


Does Pencils work well on the Educational Placemats?

Absolutely! Apart from the regular pencils, we encourage you to use colored pencils for extra fun! Once done, simply erase and reuse!


What is so unique about these placemats?

The environmentally friendly children’s toys. These mats are made after thorough consultation from school teachers. They are rigorously tested to make it fun and the safest possible for your little one! At PepPlay, we aspire to develop products not available in the Indian Market.


Have more questions?

Drop us an email at and we will be happy to help!