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5 reasons why Origami is good for your Child.

First things first, let us know what does Origami mean? Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. It translates as "ori" (folding) "gami" (paper). Research has shown that paper-folding, particularly in the elementary school years, is a unique and valuable addition to the curriculum. Origami is a valuable method for developing vital skills. Origami... continue reading

Can you think of a Birthday Party without Return Gifts for Children

“MUMMA! I want my birthday party to be dinosaur themed this year!” said my 5-year old. “But why dinosaurs?” I ask Because Raj had a pirate-themed party and Riya had a bakery theme and Aarav had a football-themed party and and..” “Okay okay I got it, we will do something different this time, dinosaur it... continue reading

Trial and Error – Using Pencil to learning life lessons

No amount of happiness compares to the time when you first held your baby in your hands, then when your baby learned to say their first word and then their first step and so on… After all of these fun and exciting stages of your child’s development arrives the most thoughtful stage- teaching them to... continue reading