PepPlay 3D Paper Model Kit – City Life sparks curiosity in kids and allows them to assemble each model while discovering its beautiful details. Through these models, kids can learn about important places like the Fire Station, School, and Hospital where they can take a ride on the Bus, Car, or Bicycle. They can also enjoy a trip to the Shopping Mall, Movie Theater, Cafe, Flower Shop, and more!


  • Perfect STEM Kit: Transforming a flat piece of paper into a three-dimensional house or a car is a unique exercise in visual-spatial reasoning. Besides, it develops the child’s 3D visualization skills. It allows them to create and manipulate how basic geometric shapes such as squares, rectangles, and triangles can be transformed into Cube, Cuboid, and Pyramids. We have a variety of stem toys for kids. Their age range is mostly from 0 to 5 years old. These toys are fun, colorful and easy to play with.
  • Encourage Creative Play & Imagination: Making a coffee shop out of a flat sheet of paper and watching it come alive improves imagination. It also helps kids build stories around the city and be little storytellers—a perfect DIY role play set. DIY educational toys are good means of education. They help keep the children interested and engaged in learning.
  • Bi-lateral development of the brain: Folding paper helps stimulate a child’s left and right hemispheres. Both hands must work in a symmetrical pattern to achieve the intended results. The left hemisphere is responsible for right-hand control, analytical and sequential thinking. The right hemisphere is responsible for left-hand control and holistic and creative thinking.
  • Improves Fine Motor Skills: Working with hands improves children’s ability to learn and their fine motor skills. It also helps with improved focus and hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Safe & Sustainable: Ethically made with eco-friendly FSC certified paper board printed with nontoxic ink. Designed with high-quality materials and made to last. Toys are a vital part of childhood, and can be fun and educational. However, many toys are not sustainable and have a negative impact on the environment. Sustainable toys help your child in many ways.
  • Ideal for birthday and return gifts: It is a perfect gift for little architects and grown-ups for a hands-on, creative play experience and provides the most fun and engaging screen-free option!
  • Perfect Coloring Activity: The miniature city model has a detailed design of the real-life buildings and elements to color in. It develops and strengthens the children’s hand muscles while coloring as well.
  • Contains: Five A3-sized thick Paper boards with self-fitted cutouts. A total of 15 models can be made from 1 set.


  • Coloring the puzzles can be done before or after building
  • Refer Step by Step instructions in the folding guide inside the blue side of the box to build each model.
  • Punch out all the interlocking holes from the self-fitted cutouts
  • Pour your patience into the puzzle, don’t force to interlock any two pieces/components.
  • Assemble every model section; you need your clever brain and hands. No glue or tools are required.

A Smart Play for the Growing Minds!  STEM project for 6+ children.

Additional information

Weight 0.480 kg
Dimensions 43.2 × 5.6 × 1.5 cm




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