“Mumma! One last story, then I promise to go to bed!” Does your little one do this too?

If yes, then you must make the most of this opportunity! Let me tell you why!

Storytelling is an ancient practice that was used to pass down important customs through generations. Today, we live in a world where we don’t tell stories to the younger generation to simply pass down knowledge of the past, but to prepare these little minds for the big journey that lies ahead of them!

The spark for reading can be developed at a young age itself but before they learn to read, expecting mommies can start reading aloud happy stories for the development of the little one while its in the womb. Later you can read stories for your child, thereafter you can read with your child until they are independent enough to read on their own.

Through stories, kids are able to learn more about life, the world and themselves. In the words of a Master Storyteller, Dr. Sherline Pimenta

“A story a day, prepares kids to deal with any difficulty that may come their way!”

Father and daughter enjoying at home. Sitting on bed and reading book together
Why is storytelling important for kids

Benefits of reading stories:

Learning Cultures: Stories are a window to the world and all the different traditions, cultures and countries. It helps kids learn “acceptance” of things and people that are not alike.

Emotion Building: Storytelling is proven to develop emotional understanding among kids as they learn to consider the protagonist’s reactions and actions, and judge between right and wrong by putting themselves in their shoes.

Strengthens Communication: Storytelling helps kids to express and communicate their thoughts and feelings in a better way. It sparks curiosity and encourages them to ask questions.

Ignites Imagination: Unlike movies, when kids hear stories they are pushed to create mental images of different situations which helps them come up with unique ideas and thoughts.

Develops Patience: When you narrate stories to kids, they learn to listen and let others speak. It also helps in developing concentration as kids know that if they get distracted, they will miss out on the plot.

Truly, storytelling is like creating magic for young minds. With the umpteen benefits of it, it is a must to get started with it in the early stages of development itself to get the most out of it! You can buy the educational gifts for kids to develop their knowledge.

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