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We all have those days where we just don’t know how to keep the little ones entertained and such days call for some music and lots of dancing! Dance is proven to be one of the best ways of self-expression. What started from just grooving to the music, has now evolved and taken new heights being inspired by different cultures, traditions and styles. However, amidst this evolution, we are slowly forgetting our roots and origin of dance.

Talking about India specifically, it has always been so rich in its culture and heritage and the same goes for the variety of dances that have originated in this motherland. There are a total of 7 cultural dance forms inspired by different regions and cultures, out of which ‘Bharatnatyam’ is the most popular of all. 

Though the traditional gurus/ dance teachers have talked about the deep benefits of Indian Classical dance, modern-day teachers realize that it’s time to get across this message in a relatable and fun way by relating the goodness of it to modern-day situations. This makes kids realize that the ancient teachings hold value in today’s situations too.

Classical dance is for classes, not masses!

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Now, let’s have a deeper look at the amazing benefits of Indian Classical Dances for kids: 

Language Development

To learn Indian classical dances, an important part of it is to learn Sanskrit Shlokas. Reciting shlokas are a good substitute for learning phonetics as these involve ‘tongue twisting’ which is the same as phonetics and also develops speech clarity.

Learning Mythology

Indian Classical dances are inspired by the various events in the past and stories of the same are narrated through shlokas, music and dance. A combination of these help children learn it in a fun and easy way.

Best Classical Dance to kids at an early age
bharathanatyam begginers dr pooja vijayan

Strengthens Reflexes

When kids learn a classical dance form, the brain absorbs a physical form of Performing Arts which helps in the blooming of their reflexes and benefits them in several ways.

Acts as a Destresser

When music and dance come together, one experiences a kind of relief from stress. Also, dance therapy has been gaining wide popularity and nothing better than Indian Classical dances to help express oneself freely. 

Classical Dance for kids at an early age
Introducing Classical Dance to Children

Brings out the best

Indian Classical dance forms are in-depth and elaborate. They involve a lot of gestures and expressions that no Hollywood/ Bollywood dance does. Learning Indian Classical dances at an early age can help kids realize their potential and provide for an excellent base to take up any kind of dance form they want.

Breaks Gender Stereotypes

Indian Classical dances have been perceived with restriction when it comes to gender and they partly remain so even in the 21st century, for eg. Bharatnatyam is majorly learnt by girls. Though this mindset has improved recently, a complete shift in mentality is yet to come. However, Indian Classical dances tell us how a male/ a female can pull off the same moves and expressions with just as much beauty.

Introducing Classical Dance to Kids

Dedication and Motivation

 Indian Classical dance forms are learnt in a proper course structure, involve levels and even exams. It motivates kids to maintain dedication and motivates them to finish what they have started with, which is an important life lesson!

Introducing Classical Dance

Hormone Balancing

Discipline, patience, hard work and dedication can be easily inculcated through Indian Classical dance training. Most importantly, recitation of shlokas relaxes the brain and balances the 7 chakras of the body. 

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the benefits to discuss but believe me, once you enrol your little ones for any kind of Indian Classical dance training, you will witness its positivity yourself. 

Indian Classical dances revive our culture at its best as they are inspired by history and mythology. They also involve aspects of geometry, grooming and spirituality. Basically, it helps in the overall physical, mental and emotional development of kids. 

It is high time we include Indian Classical dance as a compulsory subject in schools but until that change sets in, you can start the journey of your little one by looking for a professional trainer and giving wings to their talent!

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