It’s challenging to make the switch to a sustainable lifestyle. It’s even trickier convincing someone else to do so – especially a fussy toddler who doesn’t comprehend the need to live sustainably. 

Save yourself the trouble – the solution is easy and begins with you! Children learn what they live. Start small – make changes and teach new habits in your routine; soon, they’ll be doing the same. 

To help you get started, we’ve put together 5 quick and easy steps:

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Practise mindful energy consumption

As small and simple as they seem, steps like turning off the switches when you leave the room, maintaining bath timing and switching off taps not in use go a long way. For added effect, pair the action with an explanation: tell them why they need to be energy aware.

Do gardening/adopt a houseplant together

Being one with nature is the first step to developing an environmental consciousness. An effective but fun way to do this is by taking care of trees and plants. Cleaning, watering, understanding the needs of a plant, and contributing to its growth are actions that your child will enjoy and excel at. Not to mention, the added responsibility and care it brings with it. 

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Take them along on your supermarket visits

A visit to the supermarket is nothing short of an adventure for the little ones, making it the perfect opportunity to throw in a lesson or two. Involve them in making decisions and responsible purchases.

Compare products with them – not just by price, but by environment-friendly parameters. Look at the origins of food, and its production, and pick loose vegetables and fruits over those in plastic packaging.


Introduce them to no-waste packaging

Whether it’s their lunchbox, water bottle, or carry bag, give them reusable alternatives. 

Unsure how to start? Buy our Earth-themed Color Me paper bags and watch your child make a seamless transition to non-plastic items!


Sustainable playtime 

Most children’s toys today contain plastic in some form or the other, making it difficult to find a viable alternative. As a brand that cares about children and the environment, we’ve got your back.

Our eco-friendly educational toys are reusable, non-toxic and proven safe not just for the environment, but also for your little one – a win-win! Our products are FSC certified, non-toxic, and made with recycled materials. 

Have fun unleashing creativity with our reusable and sustainable Doodle and Educational Placemats, DIY Markers & Finger Painting Kits, Stacking & Nesting Cubes, Puzzle series or even Origami Art. 

The first step to making the switch is starting. Whether you use all the above steps or just one, remember to be consistent and reinforce the idea frequently. 

Educational toys for 5 year old in India from Peppa play will keep your little one entertained anded reachable from 9 am to 8 pm.

Kids pick up new habits in no time – take the first step with them today!

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