My toddler like most of yours finds study boring but loves playing with his toys and to get him to sit in one place to learn alphabets, let alone eat his food is a task for sure.

 I am a mother of two; if I’ve learned anything from my first one, it’s to stop working hard but to work smart instead.

And that’s when I came across Educational Toys, they are a game changer. Initially, I was totally unaware of the term “educational toys”. I mean, c’mon we have all grown up playing or seeing kids play with those regular plastic toys for the most part of it and now we’re in a century where there’s something called- Educational Toys!

So what are educational toys?

Educational Toys are a special category of toys that are development-centric, they target specific developmental areas like hand-eye coordination, communication, bilateral coordination, imagination and much more, of different age groups. Educational toys are always age-graded and generally focus on a particular skill. These toys are designed in a way that imparts education in a fun way. Educational toys make learning interesting and motivating for young kids. They also help children think beyond the ordinary while they polish on/ learn a new skill.

In fact, just a few days ago I ordered a  Reusable Doodle Placemat by PepPlay and it has been a blessing in disguise, my kid keeps colouring or doodling on these placemats while he eats without any fuss.

 The best part about these Reusable Doodle Placemats is, that they are very interesting so your kid is independently engaged for hours and does not feel bored. In fact, these placemats are just like any other educational toy and have stopped my worry about giving my child too much screen time and straining their eyes or even getting them addicted. Now every time my child asks “Mumma can I colour on the mats?!” instead of “Mumma can I watch TV?” I know I’m doing something right!

It’s a happy talent to know how to play!

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

 I’ve had some time between my two kids and that’s when I was determined to make parenting for the second time easier on myself. That’s when I came across Educational Toys and throughout my research, I was trying to find toys that are sustainable and reusable, with quality being my top priority. Honestly, PepPlay checked all those boxes for me. In fact, it was more than perfect with its motto being “Learn through Play” and the fact that these educational toys are rigorously tested to make them non-toxic, environment friendly and most importantly super safe for kids!

Now what I do is, let my children enjoy their play time freely without any guilt and when they are done their curious minds come to me with so many questions! Let it be the material of the toy or what’s so special about that animal and more! I’m always happy to answer all the questions their mind can think of.

     These toys have honestly been so educational and I’m not only talking about alphabets, numbers or doodle drawing book which is definitely a great way to prepare your kid for school but also there are toys that helped build physical skills in my toddler, like the Stacking and Nesting cubes I got from PepPlay which is helping strengthen arm and leg muscles for my kid.

Educational Toys are definitely a boon to us parents, it allows us to have free time without guilt while the kids are occupied in their play. Educational Toys help kids become independent and allow them to learn a lot on their own by the trial and error method. Research says Educational Toys increase IQ, improve concentration and instil creativity and imagination with motor skills.

All the parents out there do yourself a favour and try out PepPlay’s range of eco-friendly toys. They are premium quality and eco-friendly creative toys for kids. The cherry on top, these educational toys are Made in India!

Interested to check out their range of Educational Toys for kids?

Dough Art Kit
Stacking & Nesting Cubes

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