Your child’s experience with Dough - Reinvented

Playing with dough has been a creativity boost since ages with its history going back to our ancestors making their daily objects out of it like their bowls, plates, pots sculptures and so on! 

Since then, it has evolved to become one of the most creative toys for the little ones and will continue to be so because of its numerous benefits in shaping the kid’s minds and sparking creativity as nothing else can.

In all of their growing years, we have to push our kids to ask questions to broaden their knowledge but it is surprising how playing with dough naturally makes them ask the question, “what if?”

What if I could make this dough into whatever I love? What if the dough could answer all the thousand questions in my mind and help me bring alive all the creative scenes in my head? This is possible only because dough is the only thing as abstract as the little one’s imagination! 

If you have ever seen a child play with dough, you must have noticed how the kid gets lost in time while moulding dough, and the sudden surge in their confidence levels while playing with dough is because dough is an easy medium to work with. It allows complete freedom to mould and make all that they wish!

Playing with dough is more of an experience than an activity because it stimulates every sense of the child. From the feel and texture of the dough to its vibrant colours, every bit of it enhances the kids’ learning and that is why dough plays such an important role in early child education. 


Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from “Serious Learning”. But for children play IS serious learning. PLAY is really the work of childhood.

– Fred Rogers

Let us look at a few more benefits of playing with dough: 

Improves hand-eye coordination 

Every minute of playing with dough involves the eyes guiding the hands to pick the right colour of dough, moulding it into the right shape and correcting any mistakes. On the lines of motor skills, hand-eye coordination goes one step ahead in the child’s early development to set them up in excelling at all basic life skills and activities. 

Develops Fine-motor skills

Playing with dough involves plucking, pulling, rolling and much more. To be able to mould with their little hands and dominate something physically gives children a confidence surge. Dough is definitely a unique medium of play that pushes kids to explore more!

Kids experience with Dough
Kids experience with Dough

Encourages trial and error

One of the most overlooked aspects of playing with dough is how it shows our kids that their mistakes can be corrected. While they dictate their imagination onto the ball of dough, they have the comfort of knowing that it can be corrected even if it goes wrong and this is what makes learning while moulding dough so much more effective. It teaches the young ones that mistakes are a part of everything that they will do but it is important to learn from their mistakes.

Play-based learning

One of the most popular concepts in today’s times is play-based learning where children are actively involved in their play and it is structured such as to take them through a journey of learnings in their play itself. Dough is one of the most effective tools used in this concept, simply because it is so abstract and limitless that it keeps children of all interests engaged. Their experiences with dough moulding can be guided by their parents and teachers into them learning in the most fun way. Buy educational toys for 2-3 year olds in India, for there good learning.

Children experience with Dough
Your child’s experience with Dough

But there is still one thing left to understand which is, if playing with dough has so many advantages, then why don’t we see it as the primary playtime companion of all kids? That is because, over the years, the dough available to the kids has been limited in its nature. 

While Dough has been known to get children lost in time playing with it, the parents cannot let that happen because it is not chemically safe and most doughs available are toxic in nature, keeping parents alarmed at all times and is obviously inconvenient. 

Secondly, the quantity of dough given in each unit is never sufficient for the child’s imagination to fully present itself and buying multiple units becomes an expensive affair! Both of these reasons alone are enough for parents to steer away from making Dough the primary toy for their child but there is another very important aspect.

The whole idea of playing with dough with complete freedom of imagination is very beneficial but there is an extent till which it can sustain the child’s attention after which it becomes a completely unorganised form of play and that makes the parent responsible to guide them into directions to play with the dough which ultimately becomes a task.

Looking at these 3 factors, it is understandable why playing with dough needs reinvention and that is exactly what we have done with PepPlay’s Dough Art Kit. It is a complete and well-rounded dough experience that we have made with the intention that playing with dough should never get boring! The kit includes  6 reversible scenes cards (12 vibrant scenes) along with 4 non-toxic colour doughs and a shaping tool for the kids to have limitless fun. 

All kids have to do is choose their favourite scene, pick the dough after matching its colours with the scene, and mould it to bring the picture alive!

Now, not only is the dough completely safe and non-toxic, but it is also completely satisfying owing to the multiple selections of scenes and 4 different colours of reusable dough, as it is reusable toys for kids. Most importantly, PepPlay’s Dough Art Kit is just the one to give a new direction to playing with dough. And all of this, in addition to the multitude of benefits of moulding dough that we already know and love!

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Dough Art Kit

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