Friends are an asset whose benefits can be enjoyed and whose importance can be felt by any age group. Be it a young kid who develops and grows with his/her friends, or an adolescent who navigates life with the peers, or an adult who share their joys and sorrows with their close ones, or even a senior citizen who can look back at life with some gold old friends, their relevance will never go away and every person cherishes true friends and friendships.

While older teens and adults can self-maneuver their relationships in life, young kids need to be guided through and exposed to developing these bonds before they can learn to grow and maintain them.

Today, we see lesser and lesser of these organic friendships forming amongst kids because the importance of these childhood friendships is getting lost in the ever-growing speed of life in the 21st century. Taking a few steps back, we can easily see what friendships mean for us and our near ones, shaping all of our lives at once. Educational toys for preschoolers helps the kids to develop together. 

Friends are like poems but childhood friends are alphabets. Don’t forget the alphabets because you will need them to read the poems.

-Willam Shakespeare

To put it largely, friendships can be termed as a free-of-cost Schooling, where each kid is their friend’s teacher and vice-versa. Through their experiences together, kids learn all kinds of soft and hard skills that they possibly can and that is more than what any school can teach them, for all the learning is practical and comes to them effortlessly in their play.

Every activity they do together is born from their minds and executed through their body which always improves their thinking and decision-making skills and the childish yet serious competition in their play is what pushes them to be better and develops their body coordination. Playing and communicating together makes them develop confidence, leadership, and teaches them how to work with and around other people at a very early age.

Moreover, having someone else to talk to apart from family gives them some comfort to share their feelings and experiences which prevents any kind of loneliness. Their imagination develops hugely when they like-minded individuals to hear and talk about it. Leaving all the sweet learnings aside, having a set of friends teaches them conflict management like no simulation activity can and this skill is one of the most important looking at their adolescent years.

Overall, the development that the kids undergo in these foundation years is incomplete without them growing up in a friend circle and doing the drawing coloring book together and in an age where we see less and less of these friendships, their importance needs to be understood and cultivated actively to ensure all kids can reap the benefits of this gift of life.

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